Up your SEO game with these 5 free keyword tools

Getting better SEO doesn't require spending a lot of money - here are five free tools we've curated for SMEs and startups.

Up your SEO game with these 5 free keyword tools

Keyword research is extremely important and needs to be done carefully if you aim to create SEO content that works. The step is meant to help identify how your chosen keywords will rank on Google and how often they are actually searched for.

According to ZEO, it's actually more important these days to make sure your keywords are in the correct places, rather than simply peppering them throughout the body of your posts.

With advancing tech and increasingly complex demand in recent years, keyword examination and content creation have been changing. Google and Bing have developed quickly in this regard, and now have a deep understanding of overall user intent.

However, Google has launched a new and extensive search algorithm update called the helpful content update, with a tailored focus on content "by people, for people," rather than the traditional content written with search engines in mind.

Using a new machine learning algorithm that can evaluate and identify unhelpful content, update will primarily target websites with a reasonably high amount of unhelpful content, where the content has been made for search engines rather than people.

What marketers need to know about Google’s new helpful content update
Tired of landing on SEO-optimized pages without actually helpful content that provides value? Google’s new update will change that.

In any case, conventional wisdom still rings true – having a strong keyword game on search engines increases the likelihood of your site getting more traffic.

To help you attract new visitors and traffic, here are five free keyword research tools to bolster your SEO marketing game.

Free keyword research tools for SEO

Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner free keyword research tools seo

Before looking anywhere else for help, you’ll need to study from the top down. This means none other than Google Keyword Planner. This tool can show trending topics, alongside monthly search volumes and relevant long-tail keywords. It gives you loads of information about the SEO competition level and what keywords people on Google AdWords are paying for.

The information comes straight from Google itself, making it more accurate than information from any other third party. While you do need to create an AdWords account to use Keyword Planner, it can be a one-stop shop for finding useful keyword suggestions related to your business.

Bulk Keyword Generator

bulk keyword generator free keyword research tools seo

Bulk Keyword Generator produces industry-based keywords. Simply choose the business type and city location, and this tool will generate local keywords for your field. The tool’s power is in its ability to bring locally optimized keywords that are great for small businesses serving specific locations.

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answer the public free keyword research tools seo

This is a tool that suggests keywords based on questions from online forums (Quora, Reddit, blogs) then turns them into usable keywords that marketers can use. The feature that makes Answer The Public a competitive free tool is its ‘versus’ keywords section. It provides intel about how real people compare brands against each other online.

Keyword Shitter

keyword shitter free keyword research tools seo

Frank and to-the-point in name, Keyword Shitter is another top contender if you want to conduct a massive keyword search. Simply leave this tool running for a minute and it’ll generate over 1,000 ideas for you. On top of that, Keyword Shitter is considerably easy to use and digestible for beginners.

There’s also a section dedicated to filtering and separating positive and negative keywords. This is meant to help you include or exclude certain words or phrases in your strategy. However, if you’re looking for more in-depth keyword research or groupings, Keyword Shitter doesn’t seem to help much with that.

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soovle free keyword research tools seo

With a fun user interface, Soovle lets us do keyword research on multiple channels.

It takes us to a deeper level of most searched keywords, which includes the most typed terms on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, and even eBay. This is something that other keyword research sites don’t offer, although Soovle does not seem to specify location-based keywords.

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