Top media outlets in Singapore for tech startups: where to share your story

Discover key Singapore media outlets for tech startups to boost visibility and credibility effectively.

Top media outlets in Singapore for tech startups: where to share your story

Public relations plays a vital role in tech startups seeking to amplify their story. Gaining coverage in premier media outlets not only exposes a company to a larger audience but also acts as a badge of credibility.

Research from McKinsey highlights the impact of positive press in enhancing a company's stature, sometimes leading to an increase in sales.

The effectiveness of this strategy hinges on selecting media platforms that align with the startup's niche and target demographic, with a special focus on geographic relevance.

Top picks for Singapore-based media outlets

For startups looking to penetrate Singapore's tech scene, certain media outlets stand out for their ability to boost a company's public profile:

1. The Straits Times


The Straits Times, being the most-read newspaper in Singapore, offers an extensive platform for tech startups to gain visibility.

With a focus that includes 83,405 monthly visits for its Singapore-focused content and 52.07M monthly visits for global content according to Similarweb, it enables startups to feature alongside major news stories, reaching a diverse audience.

The newspaper’s comprehensive coverage of news from home and around the world, including tech and startup news, allows startups to position their stories within a global context, appealing to a wide range of readers from industry leaders to the general public. This broad reach is instrumental for startups looking to elevate their profile on both a national and international scale.

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2. Vulcan Post


Vulcan Post, with its impressive monthly views of 1.892M according to Similarweb, covers a wide spectrum of topics from tech giants to startup ecosystems, offering startups a platform for mass exposure.

The media outlet’s focus extends beyond the startup world to include tech and entertainment, appealing to a broad audience interested in digital trends. This wide-ranging coverage ensures that startups can reach beyond their immediate tech circles, engaging with a wider audience that includes tech enthusiasts, potential customers, and partners.

Vulcan Post’s dedication to featuring stories on ecommerce, digital banking, cryptocurrency, and insights from Singapore’s business news further cements its role as a pivotal platform for startups aiming for diverse and extensive visibility.

3. Business Times


The Business Times (BT), Singapore's exclusive financial daily from SPH Media, covers a wide range of sectors including corporate news, startups, wealth, and SMEs, ensuring comprehensive insights into both local and global business landscapes. With monthly visits of up to 9.526M as per Similarweb, BT serves as a crucial platform for professionals seeking up-to-date business intelligence.

BT is not only a news outlet but also a central figure in the business community, organizing prestigious events like The Singapore Business Awards and The Enterprise 50 Awards. These initiatives highlight the importance of recognition and networking within the business sector.

Getting coverage in BT can significantly enhance a startup's visibility among investors and professionals, offering a stamp of credibility and opening doors to networking opportunities that are vital for growth and investment prospects.

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4. Singapore Business Review


Singapore Business Review (SBR) draws 554.5K monthly visitors according to Similarweb, offering insights into various industries including tech and startups. As a platform catering to Singapore's business elite, it provides a prestigious space for startups to establish credibility and foster business partnerships.

SBR’s coverage spans HR & education, media & marketing, financial services, in addition to technology and startups, ensuring a comprehensive insight into the business landscape of Singapore.

This broad industry coverage, combined with a focus on tech startups, offers a unique opportunity for startups to position themselves among the top business discussions in Singapore, attracting the attention of potential investors and partners.

5. DealStreetAsia


DealStreetAsia serves as a crucial resource for insights into private equity, venture capital, and the business of startups across Asia, including Singapore.

With 624.5K monthly visits according to Similarweb, it is especially valuable for startups seeking investment and aiming to navigate the competitive landscape of the Asian market.

The platform's coverage includes deals data, intelligence, and perspective on some of Asia’s most opaque markets, offering startups critical information for making informed decisions regarding investments and business strategies.

DealStreetAsia’s role in tracking startups disrupting the status quo positions it as a key platform for innovative startups seeking visibility and connections within the investment community.

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6. E27


e27 attracts 386.4K visits per month according to Similarweb, positioning itself as a key player in connecting startups with investors and resources within the Southeast Asian ecosystem.

The media highlights significant events, investment opportunities, and emerging technology trends, serving as a pivotal platform for startups seeking to secure funding and build networks.The focus on the Southeast Asian ecosystem offers startups a targeted audience interested in tech innovations and investment opportunities in the region.

Furthermore, e27's dedication to fostering connections within the tech community provides startups with valuable opportunities for collaboration and partnership, enhancing their growth prospects and visibility in a competitive market.

7. Digital News Asia (DNA)


Digital News Asia (DNA) targets a wide audience that includes industry decision-makers and tech enthusiasts, offering in-depth coverage of the ICT ecosystem.

With monthly visits of 125.3K according to Similarweb, it presents an influential platform for startups aiming to showcase their technological innovations and digital disruption strategies.

DNA's content strategy focuses on providing insightful coverage of industry issues, business models, public policy, entrepreneurs, startups, funding, new technology, as well as business trends and developments.

This comprehensive approach ensures that startups have a platform to highlight their innovations and impact on the ICT ecosystem to a broad and diverse audience.



KrASIA connects startups with the Asian tech and startup ecosystem, offering news, analysis, and consulting services. With monthly visits totaling 170.2K according to Similarweb, it serves as a bridge for startups aiming to align with regional trends and developments.

Initially focusing on China's tech scene, KrASIA has expanded its coverage to include a broader Asian perspective, providing insights into the dynamic technological advancements and startup growth stories across the continent.

This expansion reflects its commitment to offering a diverse range of content that caters to startups interested in tapping into innovative trends and growth opportunities in Asia.

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9. Tech in Asia International


Tech in Asia International is recognized as the largest English-language technology media company focused on Asia, drawing a substantial audience with a monthly traffic of 1 million according to Similarweb.

It encompasses a wide range of topics from startup ecosystems to the latest technological trends, providing a broad platform for startups to engage with a tech-savvy audience.

Additionally, the media outlet supports startup engagement through its advertising agency unit, organizes tech events across Asia, and operates a technology jobs marketplace.

This multifaceted approach not only aids in disseminating startup news but also facilitates connections within the tech community, making it a comprehensive ecosystem for startup growth and visibility.

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10. TechNode Global


TechNode Global offers targeted content for the Singapore market as well as broader Southeast Asia, catering to startups looking for local and regional visibility. This platform, an extension of TechNode from China, provides comprehensive tech news, startup profiles, interviews, and insights into the web3 sphere.

With an estimated monthly traffic of 121.8K according to Similarweb, it stands as a significant channel for startups aiming for exposure in tech-centric circles.

The dedicated Singapore section ensures that content is relevant to startups operating within or aiming to enter the Singaporean market. Moreover, its emphasis on cross-border business developments offers startups a gateway to understanding and entering other Southeast Asian markets, making it a strategic choice for growth-oriented tech companies.

11. Fintech News Singapore


Fintech News Singapore, specializing in fintech developments, is an essential platform for fintech startups, attracting 165.7K monthly visits according to Similarweb. Its dedicated coverage spans mobile payments, blockchain/bitcoin, lending, and more, offering fintech startups targeted exposure in the financial technology sector.

This focus ensures that startups in the fintech space have access to an audience keenly interested in financial innovations, providing a specialized platform for sharing developments, achievements, and insights.

As part of the Fintech News Network, Fintech News Singapore plays a crucial role in connecting fintech startups with potential customers, investors, and partners, supporting their growth in an evolving industry.

12. Techgoondu


Techgoondu appeals to a niche market of consumer tech users and enterprise IT professionals, offering a platform for startups to share their technological innovations.

Established by technology journalists and ex-journalists in Singapore, Techgoondu includes segments on personal computing, enterprise IT, and Internet culture. This specialized focus ensures that startups can engage with an audience deeply interested in technology, providing a space for detailed discussion of their products and innovations.

Attracting 204.4K visits per month according to Similarweb, the platform's approach to tech reporting, emphasizing user experience and technological impact, makes it a valuable channel for startups to connect with both consumers and businesses.

Establishing a reputable image for a tech startup requires a strategic approach to public relations, emphasizing the alignment between public image and the quality of offerings to avoid potential backlash. This process is crucial for maintaining trust and interest among both current customers and potential clients.

A skilled PR consultant plays a vital role in this context, offering expertise in media strategy to help startups navigate the complexities of public relations effectively. They assist in selecting the right media outlets, crafting compelling narratives, and optimizing media outreach, ensuring the startup's media strategy is coherent and impactful.

This collaboration is essential for startups aiming to build a credible brand image and achieve sustained growth in the competitive tech industry.

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