How B2B brands are winning with influencer marketing campaigns

Even traditional B2B brands are seeing unprecedented success with targeted influencer campaigns, proving the high ROI of such strategies.

How B2B brands are winning with influencer marketing campaigns

Digital presence means everything now and influencer marketing has emerged as a golden strategy for B2B brands. Predictions from top influencer marketing trend analysts suggest that by the end of 2022, this sector will exceed a staggering US$16 billion in revenue, outpacing even branded social media marketing efforts.

Hubspot’s 2022 Marketing Industry Trends study underscores this, identifying influencer marketing as the number one tactic marketers are eager to adopt. The reason? A realization that influencers don’t necessarily need a massive following; niche experts, employees, and consumers with a dedicated audience can offer brands a lucrative return on investment.

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Influencer marketing in B2B brands

Among the notable B2B brands leveraging influencer marketing, LinkedIn shines with its unique approach. Boasting over 500 million professionals, LinkedIn’s “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn” featured insights from 25 social media experts, offering a treasure trove of marketing wisdom through an “Ask the Expert” segment. This strategy solidified LinkedIn’s position as a hub for professional growth and networking.

Microsoft’s collaboration with NatGeo for the #MakeWhatsNext campaign stands out as a beacon for encouraging women in STEM fields. By featuring stories of female scientists and offering free classes, Microsoft reached over 91 million people, showcasing the potent reach of influencer marketing.

American Express, Cisco, IBM, and SAP have similarly crafted successful campaigns, from highlighting the benefits of financial services to showcasing technological innovations like the world’s first AI-inspired saree. These campaigns not only demonstrate the brands’ innovative approaches but also their understanding of the audience's desire for authenticity and value over mere advertisements.

TopRank Marketing’s approach to utilizing insights from marketing gurus across industries to create valuable content for their audience exemplifies the strategic depth possible with influencer marketing. Generating over 1000 leads, their campaign proved that well-executed influencer marketing could achieve remarkable results.

The Asia-Pacific region, especially Indonesia, presents a vibrant landscape for B2B influencer marketing, with brands leveraging local influencers to resonate deeply with their target markets. The success stories of these brands underscore the effectiveness of influencer marketing in achieving not just visibility, but also engagement and conversion.

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Influencer marketing in Indonesia

This approach has been especially effective in Indonesia, where trust in influencers significantly impacts consumer purchasing decisions. According to We Are Social’s Digital 2022 report, Indonesia had over 170 million social media users, reflecting the country's substantial potential audience for influencer marketing campaigns. A significant portion of Indonesian social media users follow influencers, with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers enjoying high levels of engagement.

This engagement translates into trust and influences purchasing decisions, particularly in the skincare and beauty sectors. Supported by a survey by the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII) suggested that over 50% of internet users in Indonesia are influenced by social media in making purchasing decisions.

Skincare brands collaborate with influencers for product launches, tutorials, and honest reviews, creating a ripple effect of engagement and conversion that far outweighs traditional advertising methods.

In Indonesia, local skincare brand Wardah has set a benchmark for successful influencer collaborations. Recognizing the diverse beauty standards and preferences across its consumer base, Wardah partners with a wide array of Indonesian influencers, from beauty bloggers to lifestyle vloggers, ensuring their products are seen as accessible and relevant to every segment of their audience.

Another notable example is the international skincare giant, SK-II. Through its #ChangeDestiny campaign, SK-II collaborated with Indonesian influencers to share stories of women overcoming societal pressures and expectations, aligning the brand with empowerment and resilience. This campaign struck a chord with the Indonesian audience, driving engagement and bolstering SK-II's image as a brand that understands and supports the aspirations of Indonesian women.

While the triumphs of influencer marketing span diverse sectors, it's crucial to weigh the initial investment required for engaging influencers. However, in the B2B realm, where purchasing decisions are intricate and deeply rooted in trust, influencer marketing transcends mere audience reach. It unlocks the potential for profound engagement, allowing brands to forge authentic connections and nurture trust with their target market.

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