Eight martech tools for customer personalization

Personalization tools offer customers an experience like never before. Here are some to help with your business' personalization strategy.

Eight martech tools for customer personalization

In this day and age, personalization goes far beyond adding the customer’s name to the subject line of an email. It is the practice of creating unique shopping experiences and interactions, such as tailored product recommendations or promotional offers for every customer.

Up to 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences, and more than 70% feel frustrated when the shopping experience is impersonal, according to Forbes.

Thankfully, a range of personalization tools, including AI and machine learning algorithms, can help your business to offer customers an experience like never before.

Tailored recommendations help build trust, bring your brand closer to customers, and keep them engaged. We have prepared an overview of critical tools to help with the personalization strategy for your brand.

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Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a rules-based platform for omnichannel marketing, scale automation, targeting, and AI testing. It allows marketers to send personalized deals and messages to users as well as personalize user experiences on an individual basis.

It offers optimization tools that keep track of website visits and stick to marketing best practices. Self-learning algorithms help in content customization, result filtering, and conversion increase. The software provides predefined test segments, adjustable testing parameters, and results with built-in confidence levels.

Other vital aspects are cross-selling, automatic behavioral targeting, location-based targeting, and A/B testing. Both new and returning users are also marked. Instead of focusing on article views, the system targets people based on their historical behavior and trends. It can connect several websites, platforms, and marketing technologies with multi-page tests.

Using personalized marketing or advertising content, Adobe Target is a web-based tool that enhances the customer experience. It is suitable for marketers, businesses, and agencies.


BrightInfo is a personalized content recommendation algorithm. To engage anonymous website users, it leverages all of your available content. Through a collection of interactive widgets, it provides the most suitable material for the organic browsing flow.

It is entirely automatic. Engagement and conversion rates are boosted by more than double.

To best complement your website, BrightInfo provides a variety of adaptable and configurable widgets:

Overlay widgets: non-intrusive and well-timed, they display during the normal surfing flow to encourage users to scroll, enter, quit, and more.

In-page widgets: Smoothly included in the user interface of your website, always visible to visitors.

The BrightInfo technology gets information from both your website visitors and your content assets. Furthermore, it connects the two by suggesting the most pertinent content at the most appropriate moment within the regular browsing flow.

BrightInfo runs entirely automatically. Even so, it gives you total control if you need to intervene. You can use manual targeting to push particular marketing initiatives, promotions, etc. Using the sophisticated targeting features of BrightInfo, you can also design customized campaigns.


The AI behind PureClarity gathers information on every visitor to your website, monitoring their interactions with you both on and off your website to create a profile of their behavior, preferences, hobbies, and routines.

The more information PureClarity gathers, the better it becomes at precisely predicting what your visitors will be looking for, what they'll appreciate, and what they'll be most likely to buy. Therefore, for maximum conversions, the AI will display these products.

PureClarity is adaptable in its application and works well for all enterprises, whether they are B2C or B2B.

You can let AI handle all your personalization 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without your involvement, putting the best offer in front of the appropriate customer at the right moment for the best conversion.


The cross-channel marketing platform from Sailthru was created particularly to assist marketers in providing every customer with individualized experiences through email, the internet, and smartphone.

Its cutting-edge customer service, AI, and machine learning tools are all intended to help marketers accomplish more and faster.

Scalability, creativity, and simplicity of use are the guiding concepts of Sailthru's technology. Its dependable platform enables top brands to focus on business expansion rather than technical infrastructure concerns.

With the help of our internal Deliverability and Operations teams, Sailthru owns and supervises our email-sending infrastructure, enabling us to keep an eye on your messages up until the point at which we pass them over to recipient ISPs.


Personyze is a personalization platform that uses machine learning and behavioral targeting to deliver cross-channel experiences that engage and convert. The platform builds a real-time visitor profile based on multiple data sources and uses a combination of targeting and recommendation algorithms so businesses can provide each visitor with a unique experience.

You can add personalization elements to your webpage, create targeted content, and craft dynamic landing pages based on consumers’ interests. The platform also showcases examples of personalization tactics from its portfolio of clients, ranging from financial services companies to fashion and dating websites.

Personyze’s behavioral targeting functionality is based on more than 70 user attributes, such as real-time behavior, geo-location, weather, social data, and more. If you are interested or curious, there is a free plan for up to three marketing campaigns.

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Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance is a personalization solution with a focus on e-commerce. This user-friendly platform allows marketers to design and execute personalization campaigns, even those with no technical experience. The tools range from product recommendations to visitor segmentation and remarketing.

On top of that, Fresh Relevance’s solutions also extend to social media, allowing users to integrate real-time feeds with user-generated content into emails and on their websites. With Fresh Relevance, you can better understand your customers, engage them across channels, and optimize campaigns, and the platform integrates easily with your system as well.

The platform offers customized subscription plans to fit your business size and objective with modules and additional channels to better suit your needs.

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Proof aims to boost conversions for your brand by adding a human touch to your website. The tool offers two types of products: Experiences and Pulse. Experiences feature creates a visual editor overlay of your website, thanks to which you can personalize text, images, and other features without changing your code. Pulse is focused on displaying social proof messages.

The platform offers features such as live visitor counts and recent activity lists, which increase the urgency for any visitors on the landing page.

Proof does audience segmentation based on criteria, such as customer journey stage, industry, and company size. There is a 14-day free trial, after which the pricing starts from $79 per month. The platform also offers access to a free course on website personalization to find out what works best for your business.

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Sleeknote targets your website visitors with personalized popups based on their behavior. This means messages can be customized for first-time visitors, returning subscribers, or repeat customers. With this tool, you can convert your email list into customers with unique offers, sales campaigns, and personalized recommendations.

The platform allows you to set up product recommendations and create personalized experiences for desktop and mobile users. However, it still gives you space to experiment with campaigns. Simply pick a template, customize it as you need, and integrate it with your other marketing tools. The pricing starts from $49 per month, with a 20% discount on the annual plan.

Creating a unique experience for every customer is no longer a privilege but a necessity for businesses to stay competitive in the market. Fortunately, the tools above are intuitive and easy to learn. It is up to you to try them out and see what works best for you.

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