How to write press releases that get noticed: lessons from EIN Presswire

Gain insights into effective press release writing with tips and standards from EIN Presswire.


For companies preparing to distribute their first press release, it is essential to incorporate certain elements to ensure the release captures media attention.

EIN Presswire, a respected press release distribution service, outlines fundamental elements for a press release to be noticed and published in the media. These elements form part of their editorial standard before distributing client press releases.

ContentGrip adds further tips to enhance these basic elements, making press releases more engaging and readable.

Start with a newsworthy announcement and good storytelling

A press release that typically catches media attention revolves around a new product launch, business expansion, or a significant organizational milestone. Incorporating storytelling into the press release can organically increase media coverage. This involves narrating how the company addresses target audience issues and provides solutions.

Combining these elements can create a series of press releases with a compelling narrative that attracts media attention.

Headline and lead paragraph: convey the main story

An attention-grabbing headline should encapsulate the main story, such as a product launch or a business expansion. For technical optimization, include keywords within the first 60 characters.

ContentGrip suggests including a press release summary in bullet points before the first paragraph to quickly capture journalists' attention. This summary should encapsulate the release's key messages, allowing journalists to quickly grasp the content and decide its newsworthiness.

Facts and numbers in the main body

The main body, typically between 400 and 700 words, should focus on the core message and include factual data and numbers. EIN Presswire advises against overly long releases to maintain clarity and conciseness.

Avoid generic phrases like "proud to announce" and ensure all facts are authentic. Including quotes from company leaders or experts can engage journalists and add credibility.

Essential technical elements: multimedia, boilerplate, review, and contact Information

Incorporate videos, images, or logos to enhance visual appeal and break up text. Including links to your website and a concise "boilerplate" section about the organization at the end of the release is crucial. Providing contact information and ensuring the release is proofread for errors is also essential.

Maintain quality and editorial integrity

Press releases should steer clear of inflammatory language, hyperbole, and unattributed opinions. Accuracy, avoidance of libelous material, and reliance on fact-checked sources are crucial. It's important to attribute statements to authorized sources, such as court documents.

EIN Presswire recommends assigning a dedicated person to review the press release before distribution.

Securing media attention with a press release is not a singular action but involves a series of strategies and ideas to convey a compelling narrative. After creating your press release, it is vital to select a newswire service that targets media outlets likely interested in your press release's subject matter. A list of recommended newswire services tailored to your industry can be found here.

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