Pitch Snacks: Gaming Bed, iPhone 12, Oppo Watch

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Pitch Snacks: Gaming Bed, iPhone 12, Oppo Watch

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Asia-based gadget journalists on ContentGrow have story pitches to share with you! Here are a few tasty excerpts from our lineup this week.

Pitch: Top five most ridiculous gaming gadgets

Images of a literal gaming bed have been circulating the web. To be fair, the thing does look like the next-gen of gaming comfort. With the exception of a built-in toilet, it has everything, including a place to grab snacks and energy drinks, an arm with a tablet attached, and of course a cozy sleeping spot. This story takes the audience on a tour of the most viral, and sometimes ridiculous, contraptions on the market for avid gamers…

Pitch: iPhone 12 sales set to soar

Analysts recently reiterated their confidence in Apple’s stock price, with one prominent expert targeting a stock price of US$400 by the end of 2021. Today, Apple’s stock price is trading at an average of US$290. One prediction is that there will be a “supercycle” coming up, set to revolve around the iPhone 12. The idea is that hordes of Apple fans will soon upgrade their current phones so they may enter the era of 5G…

Pitch: Oppo Watch vs Apple Watch

For any device you’re dreaming of, there’s always a cheaper version of it out there — usually manufactured in China. The Apple Watch is no exception, as there is now a more affordable alternative in the form of the Oppo Watch. Launched just a few days ago, tech reviewers have noted its strikingly similar design to that of the Apple Watch. With a price tag of just US$215, Oppo aims to challenge the smartwatch status quo at the intersection of strong specs and affordability. This story compares pros and cons…

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