Pitch Snacks: R. Kelly, American Dirt, No Time to Die

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Pitch Snacks: R. Kelly, American Dirt, No Time to Die

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Entertainment journalists on ContentGrow have story pitches to share with you! Here are a few tasty excerpts from our lineup this week.

Pitch: Should R. Kelly be allowed to have consensual sex?


Embattled singer R. Kelly is facing a new federal charge, which if convicted on, would prohibit him from having any sexual intercourse, even if it’s consensual. The New York Public Health Law section 2307 states that anyone who knowingly has STDs is barred from having sex (technically). R. Kelly allegedly has an incurable STD. With this in mind, let’s not aim for salacious coverage, but instead let’s dive into the broader social implications for the story at hand…

Pitch: Why is American Dirt offensive to certain people?


Released early this year, American Dirt is a novel that tells the story of a Mexican woman who had to escape to the US with her son as an illegal immigrant. The novel quickly became a national fiction bestseller, but vociferous backlash soon followed, particularly from the Latinx community, some of whom are accusing the author of misrepresenting the immigrant experience — and profiting from it. The backlash has been violent, even, and scheduled book tours have been canceled due to safety concerns. Why do certain groups feel the book is so offensive? This story probes deeper…

Pitch: Why James Bond’s latest film had to be delayed for seven months

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the premiere for James Bond’s latest film No Time to Die has been pushed back to November. This has cost the movie franchise another financial setback after canceling its Beijing promotional tour scheduled for April. As a result, the movie will compete in the box office head-on with Godzilla vs Kong and Will Smith’s King Richard at the end of the year. Why did the studio decide to push it back so far?…

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