Tips for writing a job description for freelance journalists

Learn how to effectively communicate job expectations and attract the best freelance journalism talent.

Tips for writing a job description for freelance journalists

Writing a job description for a freelance journalist goes beyond the generalities of hiring writers. It requires an understanding of the journalism profession, including its standards, ethics, and the specific skill set required.

Freelance journalists bring a fresh perspective, specialized knowledge, and flexibility to editorial teams. They can cover niche topics with depth and expertise, providing high-quality content that engages and informs audiences.

Freelancers are also adept at adapting to fluctuating workloads, allowing publications to scale their content output without the overhead costs of full-time staff. Additionally, their external viewpoints can invigorate a publication's content strategy, introducing new ideas and approaches that appeal to a broader audience.

24 websites to help you hire freelance journalists
With so many options out there, it’s a challenge to find the right app or platform to hire freelance journalists. We’ve rounded them up here.

Job description writing tips (freelance journalists)

Here’s how to ensure your job description speaks directly to freelance journalists:

1. Emphasize investigative skills: Unlike general content writers, journalists often engage in investigative work. Highlight the need for excellent research skills, the ability to conduct thorough interviews, and a knack for uncovering stories.

2. Specify multimedia proficiency: Today’s journalists must be adept with various multimedia tools, including video, photography, and audio recording. Mentioning these skills can attract candidates who can produce rich, engaging content across platforms.

3. Focus on ethical standards: Journalism is bound by strict ethical standards. Your job description should reflect an understanding of these principles, inviting candidates who value integrity and transparency in their reporting.

4. Highlight the importance of a network: Freelance journalists often rely on their network to source stories and information. Encourage applications from those who have developed a strong network of contacts within specific industries or communities.

5. Discuss the need for speed and accuracy: Journalists must balance the urgency of news with the need for accuracy. Emphasize the importance of timely reporting that doesn't compromise on factual correctness.

6. Transparency on remuneration/fee: It's crucial to be open about payment. Candidates in general value transparency, and being upfront about compensation can set clear expectations.

7. Call to Action: Encourage qualified journalists to apply by specifying what they should include in their application, such as clips that demonstrate their ability to tell compelling stories across mediums.

You can check out a few job description examples on this page.

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Websites to hire freelance journalists

  1. ContentGrow: Ideal for finding journalists with specific expertise, ContentGrow facilitates the recruitment process by vetting candidates and ensuring they meet your project's requirements. You can get free talent curation service by filling out this form.
  2. A popular platform for journalism and communication professionals, offering a wide range of candidates from reporters to editors.
  3. Mediabistro: Targets a broad spectrum of media professionals, including freelance journalists with diverse backgrounds and specialties.
  4. LinkedIn: With its professional network, LinkedIn allows for targeted job postings and the ability to reach out directly to potential candidates.
  5. Indeed: While broader in scope, Indeed can be a valuable resource for reaching a large pool of job seekers, including freelance journalists.

Tailoring your job description with these journalism-specific considerations will help you attract candidates who are not only skilled writers but also possess the unique qualities of a seasoned journalist. This attention to detail will ensure that your job posting stands out and attracts the top freelance journalism talent.

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