Exploring X Stories: Grok AI brings trending summaries to social media

Stories on X presents a method to access content, offering summaries of trending discussions with AI assistance.

Exploring X Stories: Grok AI brings trending summaries to social media

Elon Musk's X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, has launched a feature called 'Stories,' which aims to enhance user experience by providing summaries of trending posts. This tool, powered by Grok AI, is designed to help users grasp the essence of significant discussions without the need to navigate through extensive posts.

The feature was introduced with a post on the official X Engineering account, stating, "Now available: Stories on X, powered by Grok AI 👀 See what the world is talking about with Stories on X, curated by @grok. now available for Premium subscribers in the Explore tab. web & iOS only for now– let us know your feedback." Currently, 'Stories' is only available to X Premium subscribers and is accessible via the 'For You' section on the iOS app and website.

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'Stories' aims to provide a streamlined experience by summarizing relevant posts in a user-friendly format. This is useful for users who want to stay updated but are short on time. While Grok AI is capable of generating content summaries, it can also make errors, a common issue with AI technologies. X includes a disclaimer with each summary advising users to verify the information, reflecting a cautious approach towards AI-generated content.

Other companies, such as Microsoft and startups like Particle, are also developing similar functionalities. However, X Stories is unique in that it offers summaries of trending content from its own platform, making it a convenient feature for users who want to stay informed without extensive browsing.

AI-powered social media features today

AI technology has become integral to the operations and user experience of major social media platforms. Here are three examples of how companies like Meta, Instagram, and Snapchat are utilizing AI to enhance user engagement and content management.

Facebook, now rebranded as Meta, has been integrating AI-driven features across its platform to enhance user interactions and content management. One notable feature is the AI moderator used in groups and on pages to identify and remove content that violates community standards. This AI assesses posts in real-time, aiding in the reduction of harmful content and ensuring a safer environment for users. Additionally, Meta’s AI algorithms are utilized to personalize news feeds, ensuring that users see more of what interests them based on their past interactions.

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Instagram also employs AI in several ways, particularly in enhancing user experience through content discovery. The platform's Explore tab uses an AI algorithm to suggest posts, stories, and reels that users might find engaging, based on their previous likes, follows, and interactions. This AI functionality not only keeps users engaged longer but also helps creators reach a broader audience more effectively. Instagram's AI also plays a crucial role in their new shopping features, recommending products based on user preferences and interactions.

Snapchat has leveraged AI to create dynamic and interactive user experiences with their popular filters and lenses. These features use AI-driven image recognition and augmentation technology to apply real-time effects and transformations to user photos and videos, which has become a hallmark of Snapchat’s appeal. Furthermore, Snapchat uses AI to curate personalized news stories in the Discover section, providing content that aligns with the interests of the individual user.

As demonstrated by these examples, AI is significantly influencing the functionality of social media platforms by enabling more personalized user experiences and managing content in various ways. 

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