16 English fashion media in Asia worth checking out

Whether it’s fresh content or networking you seek, if you’re new to Asia's style industry, here are a few English fashion media to help get you started.

16 English fashion media in Asia worth checking out

World-class fashion designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Guo Pei, and Laura Kim, have shown that Asia holds an ever-growing influence and talent pool for the industry at large. But these people didn’t just gain popularity overnight. For several years, a few key English fashion media in Asia have served as launch pads for helping bold new fashion trends reach the stratosphere.

To help you get started on the Asian fashion beat, we’ve compiled several great English sites that can help inspire — some mainstream, others more underground. These fashion-focused media also bring unique perspectives and influence from a variety of adjacent local industries.

SCMP Style – Hong Kong


Launched in 2016, SCMP Style’s luxury section offers fresh discussions about the global fashion sector from a uniquely Asian perspective. From profiles of rising international designers to in-depth coverage of the K-Pop industry and even a masterclass for figuring out jade authenticity, you can always find interesting insights when perusing this print and online outlet.

Jing Daily – China


Insiders will tell you that it can be tricky to navigate China’s fashion scene, as most local news sites are published in Chinese. Jing Daily, however, stands out as a great source of info for everything fashion and luxury in China.

Established in 2009, Jing Daily provides updates on industry news and tech to help you stay up on China’s ever-evolving luxury sector. Uniquely, Jing Daily produces in-depth luxury and fashion reports, some of which are free.

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Female – Singapore


Originally launched in 1974 by Singapore Press Holdings, Female positions itself as the go-to progressive women’s fashion and beauty magazine in the country. The media covers all things fashion and beauty, with a little touch of art, design, and pop culture.

In addition to written stories, Female has expanded its news section into videos — an area called Female TV. The media creates informative clips to shed new light on all kinds of industry trends, from behind-the-scenes handbag production to interesting discussions about skin color and diversity.

Clozette – Southeast Asia & Japan


Founded in 2010 in Singapore, Clozette is an interesting hybrid between a digital media and a beauty community. The site puts out stories, reviews, and tips related to fashion and women’s lifestyle, many of which harness the power of user-generated content.

Clozette takes a down-to-Earth approach to fashion features and serves audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. You can also find casual fashion inspiration from Clozette’s thousands of users via Instagram-like user pages.

MUTZINE – South Korea


Coming onto the scene in 2015, MUTZINE is a fashion magazine showcasing Korea’s “cool” underground fashion culture, which continues to gain influence around the world.

In addition to editorial, MUTZINE also offers artwork for purchase and some of the most comprehensive coverage of Seoul Fashion Week. Interestingly, this edgy publication has made its way to newsstands in New York, London, and Paris.

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Nana Asia - Hong Kong

english fashion media outlets asia - nana asia hong kong

Nana Asia is a digital lifestyle and wellness magazine based in Hong Kong. Its content is tailored for millennial women and geared toward promoting creativity and innovation. Other than tips for beauty and wellness, Nana Asia also keeps its readers up-to-date with the latest news and trends in fashion. Nana’s content is light, sophisticated, and caters to women who value simple yet stylish living.

MEGA - Philippines

english fashion media outlets asia - MEGA philippines

MEGA is a Filipina-founded fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment magazine. Aside from featuring all things trendy in the Philippine fashion and beauty industry, MEGA also has ambitions to bring Filipino fashion design to a global audience. The magazine itself has been in print circulation since 1991, and brought its meaningful, sophisticated, and world-class style content online in 2013.

10 Magazine Korea - South Korea

english fashion media outlets asia - 10 magazine korea

10 Magazine Korea is the Korean franchise of 10 Magazine, one of the leading fashion and lifestyle magazines in the UK and Australia. Not only does this book showcase a wide array of content on Korean fashion and shopping, 10 Magazine Korea also introduces its readers to the diverse culture of South Korea. For international audiences who want to keep up with hallyu – “Korean wave” – trends, such as fashion, beauty, and K-pop, 10 Magazine Korea is a treasure trove.

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HerWorld - Singapore

english fashion media outlets asia - herworld singapore

HerWorld is a fashion magazine that began its print circulation in the 1960s, and has since found success online. The media celebrates everything about women and is also circulated in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With its aim of empowering and inspiring women, the site caters to career-focused, go-getter women, who enjoy indulging in fashion and beauty. Aside from fashion content, HerWorld also features Singaporean creatives, artists, and rising celebrities.

The COMM - Japan

english fashion media outlets asia - The COMM Japan

First established in 2018, The COMM is an online magazine from Tokyo that publishes the latest trends in Japan’s vibrant street fashion scene. From the streets of Harajuku to the chic and cute Lolita style, The COMM covers the industry in-depth and illuminates new gems. The magazine also spotlights local community creatives and snapshots from Tokyo’s street fashionistas. Currently, The COMM publishes its content in multiple languages: Japanese, English, French, Deutsch, Italian, and Spanish.

Gafencu - Hong Kong and China

english fashion media outlets asia - gafencu hong kong china

Gafencu is a luxury lifestyle magazine from Hong Kong and China with a wide distribution both online and in print. Gafencu provides its readers with the inside news, luxury fashion, and lifestyles trends featuring elegant and contemporary local and international brands. The media aims to connect its readers with positive, inspiring, and progressive content that enriches their everyday lives.

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Verve - India

english fashion media outlets asia - verve magazine india

With a now strong online presence, Verve first hit the stands in India in 1995 with the goal of creating quality fashion and lifestyle content for the country. This homegrown magazine from Mumbai features both local and global fashion and beauty trends. Its content also highlights celebrity influencers who are making waves in the international scene. Verve features lifestyle and culture sections, which leverage compelling storytelling to help readers learn more about the arts, food, and fashion scenes in India.

Vogue Hong Kong - Global & Hong Kong

Vogue Hong Kong, a digital and print magazine available in Chinese and English, is part of the global Vogue family, known for its high fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle coverage. Its journalistic approach is complemented by in-depth research, reflecting the magazine's global perspective on fashion.

Vogue Hong Kong features categories like Fashion, Runway, Luxe, Beauty, Celebrity, and includes "Vogue Living" for art and lifestyle, "Vogue Men" for men's lifestyle, and a "Video" category. As the 25th international edition, it was launched by founding publisher Desiree Au, highlighting its significance in the worldwide network of Vogue editions.

ELLE Singapore - Global & Singapore

ELLE Singapore, a part of the global ELLE brand, focuses on inspiring women through style, with content that spans fashion, beauty, watches & jewels, and life & culture. It operates under the Heart Media Group, maintaining the legacy of ELLE's eight-decade commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and cultural relevance. ELLE Singapore offers insights into style, beauty, and societal trends, providing a unique perspective through a Singaporean lens, reflecting its role in influencing women's interactions with the world and their personal lives.

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore - Global & Singapore

Harper's BAZAAR Singapore provides in-depth coverage on fashion, beauty, celebrities, lifestyle, and luxury accessories, appealing to a broad audience interested in the latest trends and luxury lifestyle. It is part of the global Harper's BAZAAR network and operates under an SPH Media license, offering content that includes unique insights from the fashion industry's leading figures.

The magazine caters to professional women, ranging in age from their twenties to sixties, focusing on culture, travel, and high-end experiences. This approach positions Harper's BAZAAR Singapore as a premier source for readers seeking authoritative content on style and luxury living.

L'Officiel Singapore - Global & Singapore

L'Officiel Singapore is a segment of the broader L'Officiel brand, a French fashion magazine with editions worldwide, including English versions in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as local language editions in Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong. It provides content in both print and online formats, distinguishing itself through a focus on avant-garde aesthetics and experimental photography.

The magazine is recognized for spotlighting emerging talent in the fashion industry, including designers, photographers, and models, alongside incorporating cultural elements into its fashion coverage. This approach not only showcases new trends but also aligns fashion with art, music, and social commentary, appealing to a readership interested in a comprehensive cultural perspective.

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