Hang Seng Bank takes a musical turn against fraud with anti-scam concert and campaign

Through the power of music and local fame, Hang Seng Bank's "Fraud Charts" campaign educates on scam prevention.

Hang Seng Bank takes a musical turn against fraud with anti-scam concert and campaign

Hong Kong-based Hang Seng Bank has taken a step to increase fraud awareness among the community by combining the influence of music with its anti-fraud message. In partnership with DDB Group Hong Kong, the bank expanded its digital "Fraud Charts" campaign to include a concert at Central Market. With performances by local artists including ToNick, per se, Serrini, and Nancy Sit on 10 March 2024, the event aimed to spread the message of vigilance against scams in an engaging manner.

This approach uses music to communicate key anti-fraud messages. The campaign includes six songs, shared across Hang Seng Bank’s digital platforms, including YouTube. Each song, altered by the artists, acts as an educational tool, turning familiar tunes into narratives cautioning against common scamming methods.

恒生 X 家燕媽媽《皆大歡喜 (全家都好幸福版)》Official Music Video
家燕媽媽創新演繹經典,騙徒流行榜第六首至尊「騙」曲接力上榜!Hey呀Hey呀Hey!騙徒最鍾意向長者埋手,假裝屋企人攞錢應急。要避免騙徒有機可乘,一家人記得互相提醒!萬一遇到可疑來電,記得要畀屋企人知,團結一心提防「假孫仔」!🎵🎵 改編歌曲:《皆大歡喜 (全家都好幸福版)》原曲:《皆大歡喜》唱:家燕媽媽⽇⽇有…

Diana Cesar, Hang Seng Bank's executive director and chief executive, and Jordan Cheung, the bank’s chief marketing officer, both stressed the importance of making fraud awareness accessible and engaging through this campaign. They highlighted the risk of scams and the importance of delivering cybersecurity information in a way that the public can easily understand.

The need for this campaign is highlighted by the significant increase in fraud cases in Hong Kong, with a 42.6% rise reported in 2023, involving over HK$9 billion. With this musical initiative, Hang Seng Bank aims to reach a wide audience and foster a community more resistant to fraud.

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Fun bank marketing campaigns in APAC

Banks in the Asia-Pacific region are not just focusing on financial transactions but are also creating campaigns and initiatives aimed at empowering businesses and communities.

Here are some examples:

DBS Bank in Singapore launched a digital storytelling platform aimed at SMEs, delivering insights and solutions through interactive digital experiences. This initiative seeks to engage small and medium enterprises by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate their specific challenges effectively.

OCBC Bank in Singapore initiated the "Future Smart" program, a comprehensive learning and development campaign targeting its employees with the aim to equip them with future-ready skills. Beyond internal training, this initiative extends its reach by engaging customers and the broader community through seminars, workshops, and digital content focusing on financial literacy, digital banking technologies, and sustainable business practices.

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Hong Kong launched the "Breeze Living" mobile application, a lifestyle banking app that offers personalized deals and experiences to its users based on their preferences and spending habits. This marketing campaign positioned the bank as a daily lifestyle companion rather than just a financial institution, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

Malaysia's CIMB Bank launched a campaign featuring "OctoSavers," a series of engaging online videos and social media content that educate viewers on smart saving habits using humor and relatable scenarios. This campaign aimed to demystify financial jargon and make banking more accessible to younger audiences.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) - Virtual Branches: Bank of China (Hong Kong) introduced virtual branches, enabling customers to experience services like wealth management consultations and account opening through VR technology.

These campaigns illustrate how banks in Asia are using creativity and technology to transform banking experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and stand out in a competitive market.

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