US reviewer names top digital marketing agencies of 2020 is an independent reviewer of online products and services for SMEs. It recently published its picks for top digital marketing agencies in 2020.

US reviewer names top digital marketing agencies of 2020

Seattle-based is an independent website that reviews online tools, products, and services for small businesses. The company recently announced the names of what it believes are the best digital marketing agencies of 2020. The company claims its top picks were evaluated based on service lines, size, and industry focus. reviews and compares what it thinks are the best products, services, and software for running or growing a small business website or online shop. The platform collects Twitter comments and uses sentiment analysis to score companies.

According to the team, it conducted a 40-hour assessment of more than 280 agencies. Each one was required to provide a broad range of services such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation. The assessment also examined agency size to help meet the needs of small to large organizations. The final list ranked firms that cater to clients across a variety of industries.

“A digital marketing agency provides the expertise, unbiased perspective, and valuable analytics to generate results,” said Christelle Feniza, communications manager of, in a statement. Feniza added that the company has put out an online guide to help SMEs further narrow the search for reputable firms. The locations and offerings in the list below were pulled from each company’s website. 

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Top digital marketing agencies of 2020

97th Floor


Locations: San Francisco, Lehi (Utah) 

Offerings: SEO, paid media, creative, email marketing, CRO

Avalaunch Media


Locations: San Francisco, Lehi (Utah)

Offerings: Content, SEO, paid media, web, PR, branding, social, automation



Locations: Philadelphia  

Offerings: Web design, digital marketing, branding, video production

Coalition Technologies


Locations: Culver City (California)

Offerings: Digital marketing, SEO, web design



Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County, New York City, London, Austin, San Francisco

Offerings: SEO, PPC advertising, conversion rate optimization, marketing analytics

Disruptive Advertising


Locations: Lindon (Utah)

Offerings: PPC management, site testing, web analytics consulting, lifecycle marketing

Fuel Online


Locations: Boston, New York City

Offerings: SEO services, social media services, PPC management

Perfect Search Media


Locations: Chicago

Offerings: Paid search, social media advertising, SEO, content, Amazon advertising, display advertising, design

SEO Brand


Locations: Boca Raton (Florida), Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Boston

Offerings: Organic search, data and analytics, paid advertising, social media and content, web design and development

Silverback Strategies


Locations: Washington DC, Philidelphia  

Offerings: Paid search and media, editorial SEO, content and social, data and analytics, web design 



Locations: Paramus (New Jersey)

Offerings: Web design, PPC, SEO

Social Media 55


Locations: Major cities in the US and Canada

Offerings: Instagram engagement, email marketing, SEO, PPC management, content marketing, social media paid advertising, branding and media, social media management, web design and development

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency


Locations: Arlington (Texas)

Offerings: Digital marketing, web design, e-commerce marketing, Amazon marketing



Locations: Harrisburg (Pennsylvania)

Offerings: SEO and revenue generation, content and analytics, creative and UX



Locations: Columbia (Maryland)

Offerings: Marketing, UX and design, development

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