3 smart video marketing ideas for global teams (with examples)

Video is arguably the best content format to convey emotional storytelling. Here are several video marketing ideas that content teams may want to consider.

3 smart video marketing ideas for global teams (with examples)

Video marketing has proven successful in recent years due to its ability to convey emotional storytelling while helping brands raise awareness, engage audiences, and build trust with potential customers.

According to a survey by Biteable in 2020, over 60% of businesses use video in their marketing strategies and campaigns. 68% of marketers say that video marketing gives them a better ROI than Google Ads.

There are many video marketing forms, such as vlogs (video blogs), video interviews, tutorials, ads, product demos, and more. Most businesses produce videos in-house (75%), while others outsource them fully (39%).

A study by Video Brewery found that 80% of people can easily recall a video ad they watched in the last 30 days. 64% of respondents claim to be more likely to purchase a product or service online after watching a video.

Here are several video marketing ideas that global content teams may want to explore.

Clever video marketing ideas for global marketers

Emotional storytelling

Emotional campaign videos routinely get shared because they focus more on conveying meaningful stories and messages than they do on hard-selling products or services. Studies have shown that customers respond with positivity toward brands that demonstrably contribute to society's wellbeing.

Indonesian tech giant Gojek showed that emotional storytelling can also work for a variety of situations. In this case, the company ran a heartfelt video called “Go International” to complement its international business expansion.

Rather than directly telling its viewers about Gojek’s new milestones, the company decided to put its drivers as the center of the story. The firm invited its Indonesian drivers to visit Vietnam and meet with other drivers in Ho Chi Minh City. The video then focused on how these drivers were able to bond with each other, despite having different cultures and languages.

This video managed to use emotional storytelling to strengthen Gojek’s brand as a company that cares about its drivers. It was also a smart move in terms of recruiting. The campaign clearly conveyed a message that becoming a Gojek driver will give working-class locals opportunities in life they wouldn’t otherwise have (such as international travel).

Since it was first uploaded in 2018, the video has garnered 9 million views and more than 3,500 comments.

According to a McKinsey report, 90% of buyers say their purchasing decisions are highly influenced by how a company treats its employees. Meanwhile, a separate Deloitte Digital Report stated that buyers are more inclined to visit businesses that ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees.

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Demo videos are a great way for brands to market their new product with feature tutorials. However, demo videos can also be entertaining for viewers.

US-based blender manufacturer Blendtec offers a silly, tongue-in-cheek example. The firm created a video series called "Will it Blend" over ten years ago. The series showcases its product’s sheer power by blending everyday stuff, ranging from an iPad to Mandalorian toys and more. These videos have regularly gone viral over the years. The iPad blending video alone has close to 20 million views.

No doubt, these demos were expensive, but they proved powerful for brand awareness and helped establish Blendtec as a leader in its niche. Even today, Blendtec routinely reposts similar, fan-made blending videos on social media while also accepting new blending ideas each week.

Blendtec also does cross-promotions with other brands like GoPro and Ford on its video campaigns. GoPro installed a ‘blendercam’ that helps viewers see the inside view of the blending process. Ford challenged Blendtec to destroy one of its car's boron steel components (it didn't blend!).

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Testimonial videos are a powerful marketing tool, as 56% of people find them useful, while 63% of customers say they’re more likely to purchase products after watching other people's reviews.

Testimonials can be pretty straightforward, where customers share their positive experiences with a certain product. However, it can be even more powerful when marketers use emotional storytelling in tandem.

Take the above Apple Watch video as an example. The tech giant interviewed four customers to hear their life-altering experiences with the product. While the Apple Watch is designed for fitness purposes, Apple's testimonial video focuses on the watch's features that can save lives. This was an intelligent approach by the brand, as it marketed the product not only as a workout tool, but as a lifestyle essential.

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Do you have more video marketing ideas to share? Mention them inside the comments section.

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